Vilu Travel Designers
  • Why should I book with Vilu Travel Designers and not with an online travel agency or another agency?
    • When you book with us you will have personalized attention to design and plan your trip; you have 24/7 attention during your trip; we will deliver your travel itinerary and confirmations in an App where you do not need internet access. Also you will have access to our excellent prices.
  • How are you to be able to give us these premium services and prices?
    • The Vilu Travel Designers team works hard to develop strong relationships with the best suppliers in the world so we can offer our clients the best.
  • What is PLANNING FEE and how does it work?
    • The PLANNING FEE is the fee we charge in order to design and plan your trip with the best personalized service. This fee is non negotiable since the amount of time and effort required is justified with the excellent service provided. You can check more information about the Planning Fees con this site: Planning Fee Pricing Plans.
    • The PLANNING FEE does not represent a real cost to you since everything we save you in time and money is more than the fee you pay.
  • How are payments made?
    • The most transparent way to make payments is directly with your credit card to our suppliers who may be airlines, hotels, tour operators, etc. This option works only with some trips.
    • You can make a wire transfer to our bank account.
    • You can pay us online via credit card. We accept payments from Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
  • What happens if I have a problem during my trip?
    • By booking a trip with Vilu Travel Designers, you are never alone. If you have any problem or doubt, we will help you. We are in communication with you during your trip. We have 24/7 attention during your trip.
  • We are a group of more than 20 people. Do you also work with this number of people?
    • Yes. We can help you with group trip and adapt it according to your needs.
  • How do you get the unique experiences and travel tips?
    • Our tips and unique experiences come from our personal experiences in the destinations as well as our learning and courses that we take about our tourism providers, trends and destinations. We also have contact with the right people who can help us get access to the most exclusive experiences or events in the world.
  • Can you guarantee prices and availability?
    • The only way prices and availability can be guaranteed is with the payment.

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