About us

We are a luxury boutique travel agency specialized in designing and planning luxury tailor made trips full of unique experiences and memories.

We work based on a relationship of trust, honesty, excellent prices and personalized attention.

We are certified and recognized worldwide as one of the best travel agencies. We are members of the most exclusive and prestigious international tourism associations.

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Why to travel with Vilu Travel Designers?

Here are the TOP 10 reasons why to travel with us.

Experience designing and planning trips

We have great experience designing and planning the best honeymoons, family, group and couples trips to more than 70 countries in the world.

We know the destinations first hand

We know a lot of destinations around the world first hand. We can't visit 100% of the places all around the world so we have alliances in each of the countries of the world.

We design Luxury Tailor Made Trips

All our trips are tailor-made.

We adapt to what you want to do on your trip and what you like. We ensure that every trip becomes the best one of your life.

Trust, Certifications and Transparency

Trust is the most important value for us.

You can trust us because we are certified and recognized worldwide as one of the bets and most prestigious agencies. Also you can talk to any of our clients to verify it.


We have an App where we deliver the trip and where you can review your itinerary day by day as well as all the confirmations.

Attention to detail

It is very important to get to know our clients as well as possible in order to offer them the best experiences and service they expect and deserve on each of their trips.

Excellent prices

We always seek to give the best quality to our clients. We believe that the most important thing in a trip are the experiences and we always look to get the best value for money.

Access to unique experiences

We can make almost anything you dream to come true.

We have contacts around the world to offer the best unique and exclusive experiences. Our clients are instant VIP's.

Personalized service and attention

Personal attention and VIP service are very important to make the experience before, during and after the trip the best.

We are available via Whatsapp or Telephone 24/7 during the trip.

The benefit of the client is above the benefit of the agency

We review all the available options so that you receive the best quality ALWAYS. If we can get you extra benefits or perks, cheaper prices or discounts we will always do it you can be as happy as possible.

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