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Exclusive member since: 2020

Location: Selinda Reserve in Botswana

The completely rebuilt Camp Selinda reopened in June 2019. The new Camp Selinda represents the meeting place of three cultures - European, Mokololo and Bayei - and resembles that of Sangwali's thatched village, one that used to house 3,000 warriors and enough to lend 200 men to David Livingstone during his travels. Spears, shields and an African version of Robinson Crusoe is the camp's enduring theme, and its architectural design elements focus on water, air, earth and fire, which are the basis of its style.

Selinda Camp's design pays homage first and foremost to the water, with splashes of crystal blue pools offering views over the equally pristine Selinda Spilway that facilitate its arrival usually by boat. The billowing silks, which adorn the living room ceilings, are a tribute to the air and evening breezes that also sway the endless sea of nearby grasses.

The Earth is represented by the abundance of home-cooked meals lovingly prepared in our kitchens with fresh ingredients from the land and the glowing flames of our evening fire complete the spirit of harmony with the elements of nature. The camp has three spacious tents, each thatched with thatch and with
spacious en-suite bathrooms, a large private terrace and its own private pool. Each guest tent is unique, designed with its own color palette and theme. In some cultures there is a fifth element, metal, which is also incorporated into the design. Each space enhances what Livingstone would have had with what he encountered in his travels. But beyond that, we return to the Robinson Crusoe feel, including rope textures, rooms under thatched canopies, hammocks, lots of space, nautical elements and reclaimed wood.

The exclusive VILU Benefits exclusive services that only our clients will have when they stay at Selinda Camp Suite are:

  • Private vehicle according to availability on the day of arrival.
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