Vilu Travel Designers
Honeymoon in Asia

Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and Singapore

Everything was amazing! We had a great time! The best hotels and the scuba diving was impressive. Kyoto was my favorite of all !!! Everything was amazing! The tour guide was great !! It taught us a lot about Japanese culture and everything.

The tour guide was great !! It taught us a lot about Japanese culture and everything.

Pamela B.

New Year Trip to Asia

Japan, China, Thailand, Cambodia and Singapore

Thanks, thanks, thanks for everything. Count on us for future trips.

Melanie C.

Honeymoon to Japan


Thanks for all your real support !! We are really happy to have chosen you for our honeymoon.

Melanie C.

Vilu Travel DesignersNFL Trip

New Orleans

Excellent service, the recommendations were what we needed for our trip. The game tickets were great. Great attention from the agency. We highly recommend booking trips through Vilu Travel Designers.


Vilu Travel DesignersHoneymoon to Europe

Paris, London, Dubrovnik, Greek Islands, Rome, Tuscany, Florence

They organized an excellent Honeymoon for us !!! Excellent customer service, good recommendations, efficiency in searching and answering questions. They asked the right questions and booked for us the type of hotels we were looking for. The recommendations for the places we wanted to visit. were very good. Highly recommended for airline ticket searches at a great price.
Excellent customer service, good recommendations, efficient search and answering of questions. They perfectly captured the type of hotel and places we wanted to visit. Highly recommended for searches for airline tickets at a very good price.


Vilu Travel DesignersHoneymoon to Asia

Beijing, Xian, Siem Reap, Phuket and Bangkok

My honeymoon is a trip that I will never forget. It was a trip to 3 Asian countries difficult to understand from the point of view of a foreign couple like us. However, with the help of Vilu Travel Designers, I never had to understand the journey, just enjoy it.

The support and organization of Vilu Travel Designers is unique since all the concern and possible problems are transferred to them and allows you to enjoy the experiences. It was not like other agencies. With all their help, we were able to focus only on enjoying the honeymoon.

Cesar G.

Vilu Travel DesignersTrip to Africa, Europe and Middle East

South Africa, Victoria Falls, Safari in Tanzania, Dubai, Amsterdam

Excellent decision to travel with you, our trip was complicated because of the number of flights, connections etc. and everything worked perfectly. They gave us an app for the cell phone where we could follow the entire itinerary and if there were any changes to any flight, it was adjusted in the application. We had a couple of doubts during the trip and they were solved immediately via WhatsApp.

Tony S.

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